Tabu: The Timeless Artist

Words are not enough and I don’t have that vocabulary that could praise the mettle of her artistry,

I just want to watch her characters and to feel what she wants to convey.

Words are not enough and I don’t have that vocabulary that could praise the mettle of her artistry, I just want to watch her character and to feel what she wants to convey.

Before I start on the title which I have mentioned above and you are here to read in-depth. I would like to inform you, that when I was planning about Tribunals section for my website. I decided to give tributes only to the one who have left us for their achievements or to remember the great achievements achieved by them on their death anniversary, but in case of Tabu I am officially breaking this custom and you will know the reason as you walk across this piece.

Tabassum Fatima Hashmi mononymously known as Tabu, who is celebrating her 47th birthday was born on this day in Hyderabad. She started her career at the age of 14 years from the movie called “Hum Naujawan”, but it was the year 1996 when she actually showed her capabilities from the movie “Maachis” for which she won the National Award for Best Actress, and by the starting of the new century and the millennium she served us Astitva a movie with more deeper storyline more deeper emotions and with the more deeper character and hence more mature artist Tabu.

When the year 2000 was about to appear into our lives her peers were still busy the one-dimensional women-centric roles she chose the road which was less traveled by, the road towards more sensible roles, more mature roles and the roles with more tragic layers like Mumtaz from Chandni Bar. Her role was actually set the benchmark for that time. It was one of the memorable performance in Bollywood which accoladed her with another Nation Award and unparalleled incredible critical acclaim.

Another thing which I learned from her journey or should I say, the thing which I admire most is her balance between critically acclaimed roles and commercial success roles. If she went to do the role in Golmaal, where one needs timing to entertain the audience she also went to do Haider where you can see a cornered wife and mother in the troubled backdrop of Kashmir, it just needs more than basic acting skills and good looks to add a sense of madness and tell you what she hasn’t read Shakespeare before, it was all the script she had rest you what she did.

And now, when most of her peers were either happily married and left industry or went into oblivion or preparing hard to make a comeback with their artificial looks, she is busy with giving us even more powered performance to proof her inimitable prowess, from her choice of roles and exemplary acting skills, in form of Fitoor, where new generation stars Aditya Roy Kapoor and Katrina Kaif were failed to match up the characters of Pip and Estella in horrible attempt of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations she did full justice to Begum Hazrat Jaan/Miss Havisham.

Words are not enough to praise her mettle as an actor, she has tried all shades of roles that she could and at the age of 47, she is looking to take different shades of roles the latest examples of the same is what we have seen in 2018, first in Missing where no one in audience thought the devil side of such a beautiful face at least I never imagined. The last sequence of Missing tells the versatility of Tabu and even after that if anyone is not convinced on this point then He should watch Andhadhun which for me is a benchmark in her career after Chandni Bar. The sequence where she is in the kitchen with her husband and suddenly she started to act seriously to fool her husband. Believe me that look on her face was the proof of her unmatched class.

This is Tabu’s legacy and now I think you all got my point what I used as a disclaimer before writing this article. The more tragic character she will play the brighter she will shine. Happy 47th birthday, genuine superstar Tabu, I wish many more to come!

Curtains down!