Stan "Marvellous" Lee


Keep moving forward, and if it’s time to go, it’s time. Nothing lasts forever    

If you are here, thinking that I am going to write Stan Lee's story or his brief biography then you are at the wrong place, and I can help you to redirect you to his Wikipedia page or you can close this tab and move onto google to find it to suit yourself. This one is a pure tribute to Stan "Marvellous" Lee!

The best part of being a writer is you create your own universe as God does. These words stuck on my mind one day I was doing nothing but thinking. I liked it and thought one day when the appropriate time arrives I will write it or maybe use in one of my pieces. I never thought I will gonna use it for Stan Lee. I never thought that the appropriate time will arrive in such a tragic way.

On this day, when we have lost the soul of Marvel, the soul of all superheroes whom we love, I am paused and I am numb with my own thoughts, and the way the news arrived at me made this even worse.

When I woke up at 5 AM in the morning, I just opened my Facebook and as I opened, I saw a picture narrating "Excelsior 1922–2018" posted by official Stan Lee Facebook page and there were more sad reactions than likes. Frankly saying, I wasn't aware of its meaning I haven't cared to know about it until today. In a stage of half-slumber, I was afraid, I can sense that something bad is about to strike me. Since I remembered his birth year, the first thought appeared in my mind was "he is no more", but I was not ready to accept this, I thought maybe it was a prank or something for fun, so I googled it, and there were heaps of articles, tributaries for Stan Lee and that confirms my fear of losing him, that confirms my wish will remain unfulfilled to see him completing his life century, that confirms he is no more with us.

Stan Lee, who was a writer, editor, publisher who went on to co-created iconic characters like Spiderman X-Men, Thor, and the list will go on if I didn't stop here, for me he was himself an institution, he himself was a superhero who created superheroes for us, to give a spark to gloomy world. He created a parallel universe where we can go anytime we like too, where we can leave all our worries, fears and charge our soul to give a fightback to our challenges.

Even he not only inspired as from his storytelling from his imaginations, but he also inspired as a lot with his words.

I love what I do. If I had to anything else, I'd be miserable

- Stan Lee

Dear Stan, we are thankful for choosing the right thing otherwise who would care to create all these superheroes, and who would help us to find our own superheroes.

Now, he is no more with us, and whenever I will watch any Marvel movie, I will be sure that now Stan Lee will not appear in his unexpected cameos, the thing which I know, whenever I am watching Marvel movie. It was a tradition, and we all ought to wait for him to pop up in between movie sequences. He was the "happiness" of any Marvel movie.

And, now I feel that it is the right time to call it, everything in this world has a start and has an end. As himself said once,

Keep moving forward, and if it's time to go, it's time. Nothing lasts forever -Stan Lee

The best part of being a writer is you create your own universe as God does, and your universe was beautiful and was the part of childhood for three generations, thank you for creating the one. We love you Stan and we'll miss you, Stan ❤.