Why Indian Media Aren't Showing What International Media Are Showing About Kashmir?

Bhavik Bamania
Bhavik Bamania
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Why Indian Media Aren't Showing What International Media Are Showing About Kashmir?

It has been a month since the abrogation of Article 370 and 35A in Kashmir by the Indian Government. Since then the world is divided into two halves. The one media is putting stress on dispute, torture, and outrage while others reporting for normalcy in Kashmir. So the big question arises here is Why Indian media aren't showing what International media are showing? Aren't they on the same page?

Ever since India got independence in 1947, Kashmir has been a hot topic between India and Pakistan unfortunately. And the West world and the superpowers of this world doesn’t seem to like the idea of peace in Kashmir region for the sack of their own interests.

These interests are numerous such us deals of armors, why a nation needs arms and artillery if there is no threat of war or crisis among its neighbors? This is a well-known fact that artillery and their technology deals are carried mostly by USA, Russia, France. Thus, their media mostly US and UK based media are trying to portray another side of the story even if most of the stories are fabricated and handmade by rigorous brainstorming. Since, by revoking the special status of Kashmir now, Kashmir has become a full-fledged part of India.

Another interest of these media is, they can’t digest the glory and success of India due to various reasons, and there are a number such stances are there which proves this point legitimate, one such instance is a caricature of a man with a cow knocking the door of “elite” space club, owing to the success of ISRO. Thus, they always find ways to humiliate India if they can’t get anything they will create something to satisfy their own thirst and that’s what we are witnessing in the matter of Kashmir.

Thirdly, and the sadly one is we have “elite panel of journalists” who continue to feed them by either writing for them or highlighting their writeups to prosper their own agenda, sadly there are people who proudly call them “liberals” are certainly not happy with this decision and they are not happy not because of they care about Kashmir or the people of Kashmir or they care about India they are not happy because not a single soul asked their opinion on this officially or unofficially. All they need attention and they are not getting that.

There is no denial for the fact that there is no outrage in valley yes certainly there is, but that’s also cent percent true that no pellet guns, armors are used to oppress their voice. Not a single army men tortured them for anything, and there is ample stock of medicines and if there is any shortage the government is putting their efforts to meet the requirement.

Many of such fabricated reportage is denied by the DM of Srinagar Shahid Choudhary himself and he showed his outrage against such irresponsible and false reporting on his twitter handle, not only him but many of the officials clarified to almost every false report that came into limelight by the likes of Imtiaz Hussain, Syed Ata Hasnain who is retired Liteunient General.

A screenshot of tweet threads of DM of Srinagar Shahid Choudhary where he is denying the reportage of shortage of medicines and claiming health crisis in Kashmir by a reputed news agency

Abrogation of 370 has shown the true faces of many of the “social reformers”, “acclaimed writers” who are no acting as the spokesperson for Pakistan, “acclaimed news agencies”, “liberal Lutyens gang” of our society. They all are calling this decision which is one of the most important decisions that was pending from a long time as unconstitutional, they are comparing Kashmir with Nazi Camps, they are lashing to the Government by calling them fascists apparently, but the fact is they himself have no clue when they became fascists yelling “we are liberals”.

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