Uri: The Surgical Strike Movie Review

Bhavik Bamania
Bhavik Bamania
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Uri: The Surgical Strike Movie Review

“How’s the Josh? Low?”, then you should go and watch out Uri: The Surgical Strike and recharge your josh by witnessing the valor of our army. Forget every noise that is buzzing around and letting you stop watching such a class movie and feel proud of our army.

Since Burhan Wani’s killing the Kashmir valley was in unrest in 2016 and on 18th September 2016, at dawn around 5.30 AM four gunmen entered into Army Base Camp at Uri in Jammu and Kashmir and killed 19 soldiers. In response to this cowardice attack, the Indian Army carried out a surgical strike ten days later on 29th September.

In the debutant movie of director and writer Aditya Dhar, he deals with the proceedings of this solid response from our forces and shows how they were backed up from our bureaucrats.

The movie begins from the first incident of the surgical strike about which only a few of us know, the strike over Indo-Myanmar border on 10th June 2016 and that’s the surprise package for the audience and for me it was great thinking of the unit who began the movie with, that particular There were no traces of claimed “propaganda” or “hypernationalism” as mentioned by The Wire in one of its article on the movie. It is just a story of the bravery of Indian forces and if it is hypernationalism then yes our army needs such nationalism.

Another thing which we heard a lot about the movie, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s importance in the entire operation is overhyped, which I found absolutely wrong. If this is the logic then President Barrack Obama’s importance is also overhyped in Zero Dark Thirty. All these claims which are surfaced to put hindrance seem to be propaganda from the opposition, who are seeking for issues by hook and crook. The entire movie is based on true facts on the surgical strike.

As far as acting is concerned, the casting was fantastic, Vicky Kaushal has absolutely nailed the performance so does Paresh Rawal who was the actual mastermind behind both these strikes. Yami Gautam did her role with justice and so does Mohit Raina who was introduced from this flick.

Overall, one should go and watch this movie and feel proud of our army. Those who are opposing this movie are opposing for the sake of their own agendas. There is nothing over-hyped it is just a documentary based on actual facts and figures. Even the term “Naya Bharat” is used in proper respective.

On the technical point of view, the entire movie is split into chapters which I reckon as great thinking, unlike Zero Dark Thirty or any other warfare films, Uri isn’t a boring, dull movie, it is full of passion and emotions. My recommendation just go and watch and feel theJosh.

Rating: 4.5/5