Dr. Subramanian Swamy: Swami of own

Bhavik Bamania
Bhavik Bamania
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Dr. Subramanian Swamy: Swami of own

From post-graduation in Maths to Ph.D. from Harvard in Economics, taught Economics in Harvard authored research papers with Nobel Laureates Paul Samuelson for Index Number and Simon Kuznets for GDP, to the hero of Emergency, to becoming Kingmaker to Chandrashekhar and suggested Liberalization which was later narrated by Dr. Manmohan Singh under PV Narasimha Rao's government, to topple Vajpayee Government in a tea party, to the savior of Ram Setu and to the crusader of Ram Mandir and ultimate threat to Gandhi family, all things fold into one character ie., Dr. Subramanian Swamy. He lived his life on his term.

Dr. Swamy who is famous for his straight forward, bold statements which sometimes creates trouble for his party is celebrating his birthday today, he is one of such figure whom you can love him or hate him but in any scenario, you can’t ignore him. Let’s recall the contributions of Dr. Swamy in Indian politics, economics, defense.

Kingmaker Swamy

The contribution of Dr. Swamy is immense, whether when he asked Chandrashekhar on Parliament bench during a random discussion, about PM post. To which Chandrashekhar replied this won’t be possible in this life. It is when he become a kingmaker for Chandrashekhar and assured him to become PM and which he fulfilled with the help of Rajeev Gandhi.

Drafted LPG even before it was set to introduce

Being a brilliant economist and published research papers with Nobel Laureates like Paul Samuelson and Simon Kuznets he was a harsh critic of the socialist economic model, which was followed by India up to 1991. He criticized that model number of times and when he got the chance to scrap it, he created the blueprint of it for Chandrashekhar however, unfortunately, the Government didn’t last long and replaced by PV Narasimha Rao, being a good friend of Dr. Swamy, he reached Swamy and offered to join Congress to be Finance Minister but he denied to join Congress and later Dr. Manmohan Singh was asked to become Finance Minister and later LPG was introduced.

Hashimpura Massacre

Dr. Subramanian Swamy was always criticized for his stand for Hindutva, he was criticized as a person with radical ideology. He always criticized the one who glorified the barbaric invaders yet, to seek justice to the 42 Muslims who were shot dead cold-bloodedly in Hashimpura. He also emphasized to check the role of P. Chidambaram who was then Home Minister (Minister of State).

Ram Setu

In 2007, ASI filed a controversial affidavit in Supreme Court that Ram Setu was not a man-made structure as there is no conclusive evidence, and almost got clearance demolish Ram Setu, for the project. He came to the rescue and won against all the odds when Government of India intends to explore the alternative to the earlier alignment of Sethusamudram Ship Channel Project with harming Ram Setu by keeping the interest and faith of the nation.

Crusader against Corruption

It will be a matter of injustice if someone doesn’t call him crusader against corruption 2G Spectrum, VVPAT, National Herald, INX-Media all cases are either looked by him or represented by his team. Recently, he sent P. Chidambaram to Tihar Jail in INX-Media case. He is a real trouble maker for Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, whenever they are in trouble you will always find the direct or indirect association with Dr. Swamy. For the same, the Congress always alleged BJP and Dr. Swamy for wrongly framing Congress and Gandhi family to which he said in an interview, that he is fulfilling what is remaining in the BJP’s manifesto.

He, who considers Lord Krishna as his idol and teaches referring the lessons of Geeta and Mahabharat is such a man whom no one dares to ignore, you can ignore him at your own risk. At present, he is perhaps the only politician who isn’t afraid of anyone but giving a tough time to enemies of the nation. He lives his life in his terms.

Currently, he is primarily focusing on Ram Mandir and he is very confident that by this November we will get the decision from Supreme Court for that I wish him success.

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