Personal Experience: My Time and Fight with COVID-19

Bhavik Bamania
Bhavik Bamania
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Amidst the global pandemic and tussle between allopathy and Ayurved, the core question remains the same - how to cure ourselves and stay safe amidst the terrible conditions prevailing, here is my experience with the fight against COVID-19 and how Ayurved help me to get back to normal.

On the morning of April 27th 2021, when everything was following the routine the sun rose on its time, the day started bright, the weather was obviously warm and dry, everyone was busy with their daily chores, so do I, after a morning breakfast it was to get on to the daily work since work from home conditions are prevailing I jumped to my personal table and engaged myself into my routine work. Wait! Well, what’s new in this? It looks like just a normal routine but now comes the upside-down twist, as the day rises, I felt that my smell and taste senses are diminishing, the odour started to fade, and taste also become pale and by the time of lunch, I have no idea what I am eating? It was my mouth that is signalling to my brain that I am having something.

COVID-19 Pandemic is not a new thing, almost all humans have the notion of the symptoms (at least which are known ones, this thing is evolving like anything), whatever I was experiencing was an alarm to my core that finally, it is the time that my immune system has encountered with Corona Virus and now he needs attention and care to deal with this. It was kind of a shock to me obviously, but never a scene of panic, and it got worse when your mother is also suffering from the same. I called my friend and discussed the case, he himself had dealt with this pandemic and successfully triumphed over it a few days back. He instantly called it “Yes, you got it right, your immune system has been breached by COVID and you need to isolate yourself with immediate effect and if it is possible go and test yourself as soon as possible you could. After the confirmation, I will provide you with the medications and routine which I followed.”

Well, eventually I followed his advice, next day first thing in the morning, I rush to the lab to get sampled for COVID for now more symptoms started to emerge such as chest congestion, smell senses are now absolutely null and void, so as the tastes, eyes started to burn, and a ride to and fro lab was now enough to get me drained to such extent that I have to catch some sleep for few hours to rejuvenate myself and by now, the messages from friends especially (office friends) started to pour to inquire my wellbeing as I didn’t show up.

Somehow, the day passed and in the meantime, I was well enough prepared to read my reports, I was absolutely certain about the situation and what am I going to read in the reports (despite my family and lots of my friends were hoping it will come negative) I was pretty sure that I am COVID positive now it was just a matter of how much serious I have got. In the early morning hours of April 29th I got a WhatsApp from the lab, it was my report, I opened it with the thumping hearts ( no matter how much you are prepared, such moments will surely raise your heart-beats) and amidst all speculation of my family and friendsI got it right, I was COVID positive, my defence wall of the immune system has been breached, and now I could see the days of uncertainty ahead.

As decided, I texted my report to my friend and in the next moment, he sent me the prescription which he took to get back to normal. He prescribed a combination of allopathy and ayurved, In allopathy, he prescribed tablets of vitamins only and in ayurved he prescribed Patanjali’s Coronil kit (oh, please don’t read with prejudice, sometimes it is better to read before react). The good thing about the scenario was that I had brought Coronil Kit’s for my mother a few days back when she started to feel these symptoms, I am kind of blessed to be born in a family of geniuses, both my mother and father possess good knowledge of Ayurved and a pinch of this has been inherited by me, the only thing I need to ascertain was what will be the dosage of this kit and that I got from my friend, “No, don’t follow the exact dosage given over the kit, I will tell you how much and when to take which medicine.”

The Coronil Kit

The Coronil kit consists of three things, viz.,

  1. Coronil tablets
  2. Swasari Tablets
  3. Anu Taila.

The package suggests 2 tablets each thrice a day with lukewarm water for adults, but my friend revised it a bit, he suggested 2 tablets of Swasari first thing in the morning with lukewarm water and only one tablet of Coronil after having lunch in the noon hours along with that lots of water and lots of sleep. You must be thinking why this revision? Well, as per my limited knowledge, it must be for those who have a very serious infection and the potential spreaders (ie., CT value of less than 27), for those who had mild symptoms or people like me who were on the verge of getting seriously infected (I got CT value of 28 just on the cliff) revised dosage were enough if you still feel it doesn’t working for you then you can increase the dosage gradually and that too after consulting an ayurvedic doctor. Never do experiments on your own not even with ayurvedic medicines (even though it generally doesn’t have serious side effects unless grossly carelessly taken) unless you have proper knowledge of the ayurved. In my case, I have my parents to whom I can consult and also I have some elementary knowledge of the same.

Coronil Kit by Patanjali

Nevertheless, so the final medication which I took was just the Coronil Kit, I omitted the vitamin tablets because I was having lots of fruits and liquid supplements in form of water and juices. I have eaten lots of oranges during my isolation, probably more than the numbers of oranges I usually eat during a year or two. Along with that, I have eaten lots of mango, pineapples, apples and cucumbers that diet was enough to supply the required vitamins and that too in the natural form and since I had chest pain as an symptoms, for the same I was doing yoga and meditation. Yoga does brilliant job no matter what kind of illness you are dealing with!

Apart from medication, the will of the patient matters the most, homeopathy, allopathy, and ayurved all are subject to personal preference and belief of the patient, I feel you can’t get treated with any medicine upon which you don’t have trust. Your belief in the therapy is the necessity for getting cured. Along with your belief, your will plays a vital role here if you want to get rid of the disease you are fighting the body will fight more ferociously. The belief in this statement has been further strengthened during my isolation.

There was a time when I felt down, isolated and that time I started to wonder why me? I am pretty strong, I literally have no idea when was the last time I went to see a doctor for my illness, how can I get infected when I haven’t got out of my home for a month? why did this happen to me? I got the answer from my inner voice, maybe you are one of the instruments of God, to inject some positivity amidst all the negative ongoing after all, no matter what positive will be a good word even if it is not in today’s scenario, maybe for today, when I am writing this for you all. 


Well, to be honest with you I didn’t went for testing myself again as I started to get my senses back and started to get normal, the primary reasons as there are government guidelines for those who are in home isolation, he need not test back again for negative if they have tested 10 days back and now they have started to feel better. Along with that, I resumed my work as I started to feel better and then I got no time to even think about testing for once. Now, it is been a month and now I am fully recovered though I have a few post-COVID-19 side effects, like insomnia, well I am insomniac from my childhood but during the COVID time, I went on to sleepless days and nights, no matter what I try, I can’t get proper sleep, initially I thought that it is just a normal thing for me, since I have sleep issues, and such things are not new to me, but when I encountered the same traits are being developed in lots of people and they are asking on social media that someone else got the same after-effects it was then I realized that it is not a normal issue and it is the after-effect of COVID. Well, now I am working over this hopefully I will fix this issue too!

Message to the World


Well, as far as my mind is concerned I can draw only two lessons from my experience with COVID-19, ie., it doesn’t matter which therapy you choose, choose the therapy which you trust, be it allopathy, homeopathy, or ayurved, I chose ayurved because I have good belief over it and I have reasons to believe. I have seen it working and now it has worked on me as well. Choosing therapy is never a disrespect to the other, yes, the good thing which I felt about ayurved is it can cure disease up to 100% the connection with nature bestow such powers to ayurved and there is no doubt about it, it works on the root cause even in the pandemic time, ayurved proved to be a very good alternative to allopathy and curing patients hand on hand. In my view, ayurved is helping in reducing the burden imposed over healthcare system by COVID-19, who knows how many Bhavik are there in this country who got cured just like the way I did? 

Secondly, it doesn’t matter how good treatment you have got, all the matter is your attitude towards the disease, how you are responding to the treatment you are given, positive attitude always helps you to win against all the odds that you are facing. This can be summarized in a one-liner which I quote from my friend’s post, regarding her personal experience with the COVID “only positivity can win with COVID’s positivity”, and that was my mantra.

I am here so that I can open the archives of my memory
I wish to deliver what I have received from mankind to mankind
I wish to light-up darkness to enlighten the hidden treasures,
And in that process, I am writing what I have found from mankind.
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