Jagjit Singh: The Ghazal Maestro

Bhavik Bamania
Bhavik Bamania
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Jagjit Singh: The Ghazal Maestro

10th October, personally for was one of the saddest dates of my life, as I remind about the news of the demise of the ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh Ji, when he was in hospital battling for his life after suffering from brain hemorrhage on 23rd September 2011 but all went in vain with his death on 10th October. Today, I personally not able to reflect what and how I feel after seven years still I am here translating my poem which I instantly wrote as I heard the news about his death, with hope that I am able to convey what my feelings are, and to be honest I feel the same what I felt 7 years ago, his death really hurt me and many of us.

Ghazals are there, but no one is left to sing it tonight,

Songs are there, but no one is left to touch lips from them tonight

Music is there, but no one is left to make it immortal, tonight

Even if I consider his music is immortal, but he is no more with us tonight

A friend is here, a beloved is here, but no one is here to sing for him, tonight

But I should say, you have given your breath to your music and made it immortal

And, unintentionally you have made yourself immortal

This is not your death, here ends an era tonight

Here ends the era of your beloved Ghazals

You have lost your battle in the game of life-death,

But you have made your Ghazals immortal

आज ग़ज़ल तो है, पर उसे गाने वाला नहीं है

आज गीत तो है, पर उससे होंठों को छुने वाला नहीं है

आज संगीत है, पर उसको कोई अमर करने वाला नहीं है

आज माना संगीत भी अमर है, पर आज वो खुद नहीं है

आज मीत भी है,प्रीत भी है, पर गीत गाने वाला नहीं है

आपने अपनी साँसे देकर संगीत अमर कर दिया है

और अनजाने मैं आपने खुदको अमर कर दिया है

आज आपके साथ एक युग खत्म हो गया है

ग़ज़ल की रीत खत्म हो गई है

आज आप इस जीवन-मौत के खेल में हार गए

पर आप जाते-जाते अपने गीत अमर कर गए

Miss You Jagjit Singh ji.. and I will admire your voice even in afterlife.

I am here so that I can open the archives of my memory
I wish to deliver what I have received from mankind to mankind
I wish to light-up darkness to enlighten the hidden treasures,
And in that process, I am writing what I have found from mankind.
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