- Bhavik Bamania

19th September, I don’t know but I am attracted to this date ever since I was a kid. I have so many memories associated with this date from Yuvraj’s 6 sixes to Stuart Broad, to the birthday of one of my favorite singer Lucky Ali, to the birthday of Cold Frost (Caitlin Snow AKA Killer Frost) from The Flash, to the birthday of my best friend Hitesh and yes of course Nehal. You people are my favorite peoples coincidently all are associated with 19th September. What I feel for this date, I found myself incapable to express it by words. Maybe one day will become capable enough to do the same.

And, now to make it more complicated I am here on the global platform to announce my arrival at this stage. It was my childhood dream someday I will have my own identity on the web, I will have my own website, on which I will inscribe my words to deliver to the mankind what I have got from them.

Believe initially it was scheduled to be done on 12th May, for this date marks the birth of my hometown Jodhpur I tried all means to achieve the deadline but all I can say it was written in the books of destiny it was scheduled for 19th September.

It was not at all a single man task, I stuck in a lot of things and sometimes I found the way out by self or sometimes I was dragged from web by a “helping hand”, and on this auspicious day I would like to say thanks to all the people who helped me as a guide or motivated me like a Guru. Thank you to the Almighty, thank you to my parents, and I despite being nothing dedicating this site to them. Thank You Jaya Mam, for introducing the world of Web, believing in me, guiding me whenever I was in mess, I have told this for the nth time and I will tell this for the nth time “I am here because of you.” Thank You Shilpa Mam, you are the one who saw a writer in me, and today I am writing and I am sure, you are looking from The Heaven you must be smiling I Miss You and I regret that haven’t paid attention to your class and never took music and art too seriously I wish I could take art as seriously as I am taking now, Thank You all the teachers, I am very fortunate to have teachers who always supported me even after I tried to find ways to irritate them, and thank you to all if I have forgotten I tried my level best to keep everything related to the journey in my mind.

Thank You to my hidden guides sorry I can’t call their names here and if you people are reading this I feel I am able to deliver what I wished to. You people are the backstage heroes for me!

Now on the concluding note, I would say one thing, even though expectations are not a good thing to carry but I expect love from you people. I will try my best to satisfy your demand, wish me luck!

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