War Between Keyboard Warriors

- Bhavik Bamania

Perhaps, this would be the first time when I am not able to pick a suitable title for my piece. Since, February 14, when a fidayeen attack on the convoy of CRPF jawans which results in the martyrdom of 40 jawans. The attack was orchestrated by Jaish-e-Mohammad, led by Masood Azhar via a video of the assailant Adil Ahmed Dar.

Since then, things were on the roller-coaster ride in India people were in anger and demanded strict action against JeM (not Pakistan) because of the two surgical strikes in the gap of three months - one in Myanmar against NSCN-K and Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup on 9th June 2016 in response to attack on Indian Army on 4th June 2016 and later on 29th September 2016 another surgical strike took place on LOC. Both these attacks lightened the hope of firm response against this attack, there was a wave of fear in Pakistan where various reports claim to be feared of another surgical strike. There was a scene of high-voltage drama from Indian media and as well as in politics, where opposition was continuously asking for revenge. While in Pakistan, media and politician made statements to provoke, they threatened for having nuclear weapons, there is no doubt about it that Pakistan does have nuclear weapons but does India ever seek to take action against Pakistan? No, but the narrative was made by both ends - a war imposed by media.

On February 26th, IAF led by Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa India responds back when around 3.30 AM (IST) 12 Mirage 2000 jets unloaded bombs over Chakothi, Muzaffarabad in POK and Balakot in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This air strike led to the intensification of tension between arch rivals as PM Imran Khan and FM Shah Mahmood Qureshi asked the forces to retaliate. The call of retaliating was an unnecessary move for India didn't harm the army troops of Pakistan or their infrastructure the sole motto was to strike the training camps of JeM, Hizbul and Lashkar-e-Taiba. This strike was the first of its kind after 1971.

On 27th February, seeking for revenge Pakistan fighter jets entered into Indian Airspace as a result of counter-attacking India shot down their F-16 but in the process of this India's MIG21 went down and Wing Commander V Abhinandan was arrested in POK, however on 28th February, PM Imran Khan ordered his release as a "gesture of peace". But, it was never a "gesture of peace". I am not doubting his intention may be he is eager to establish peace but here it was international pressure on Pakistan from various nations which forced Pakistan to release Abhinandan on 1st March. The reason behind this, not to call the "peace-gesture" if he was that much committed the army would have ceased the firing on LOC in Kashmir region. They may have deported Abhinandan without media coverage, but none of them happened.

But above all this, bureaucratic level tension, a separate war was also going, in fact, is going on between India and Pakistan via social media. There are numerous reasons behind this war. Firstly, the media on both side tried their best to put fuels to the burning flame. Media on both tried to encash the tensions for their TRP and created Warrooms in their respective studios. Amid all these tensions both nations saw the pathetic low of their media. Secondly, there were a series of false claims from Pakistan which provoke both countries keyboard warriors. There was literally a race between #SayNoToWar and #SayYesToWar but there were some sensible people across border who actually knows why India took that step and what was the intentions, they are the ones who actually know that armed forces know what is best for their country and shouting for war will not going to sort out everything. I am telling this from my own experience from both sides they were tired of war and tensions and sought the cease of war between countries but to unite against the militancy.

Pakistan and even India should understand that we won't have the rivalry, we would welcome Pakistan if they try to establish peace which is more important to itself rather than us. If they try to sweep terrorism on their land, and if they need help to eliminate them India will be delighted to help them. Together we can work out on each and every situation that we are facing right now. But if Pakistan tries to harm India then this new India will respond in their own language like the surgical strike and air strike. However, it is the best for our interest if we handover this our army, in my believe army is capable of taking their decision and they know what is best for our country interest.

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