Kesari: Movie Review

- Bhavik Bamania

Kesari: a tale which tells us about the valor of 21 soldiers from the 36 Sikh Regiments, who valiantly took over the army of 10,000 Afghan tribes.

The movie plots move around the 1897 Battle of Saragarhi where few handful Sikh soldiers of choose to fight for the pride of their community over their duty or the orders of the British.

Akshay Kumar who in as Havaldar Ishar Singh, a brave Sardar who took the charge of Saragarhi Fort which was mostly used as a post office by the British as a transmitter of the messages between Lockhart Fort and Fort of Gulistan. He was sent to Saragarhi for not obeying the orders of Lt. Lawerance.

The movie is full of emotions whether comedy, sarcasm or the loneliness of a soldier. The first part of the movie perfectly sets the tone of the latter half, which actually deals the event of 1897 battle. The historical accuracy of this event is very reliable and accurate the thanks to the messages sent by Sepoy Gurmukh Singh who was the last soldier to be martyred in this battle.

The movie is entirely based on the heroics of Havaldar Ishar Singh and how his troops obeyed and fight of their dignity and Akshay Kumar lived the role of Ishar Singh with all his might. Akshay being Ishar Singh is one of the powerful performance you would have ever seen from Akshay. Along with Akshay Kumar, the movie has Parineeti Chopra though in a movie like this where her screen share is almost negligible, yet I felt her role was as important as the others, and she did it with all her heart. The other actors were also good with their respective role. I was quite impressed with Toranj Kayvon (Gulwarien) who is a photographer portrayed the role of a Pashtun Women and so deliberately she spoke Pashto. Another stand out performance was of Ram Awana (Gulwarien Beheader) who is a keeper of the fort and when the toughest hour arrives he chooses his duty over anything and chose to be on the of 21 Sikhs, and as a reward, he was assigned to take care of the wounded.

On the whole, I felt the music of the movie was on the lower side, the photography and cinematography was good and makes the movie a complete package. It was a valiant effort to make a movie on such an important event of history, which most of us have forgotten where all the facts and figures were almost certain.

This Battle of Saragarhi also focus on the thing even though Afghan killed all the soldiers of 36 Sikh Regiment but they are the losers because tactically the Sikhs were won, because of the last stand of 21 martyrs they were not able to move further to Lockhart and Gulistan which they thought to conquer within the same day and apparently they lost to British forces there subsequently after two days. And all thanks to the movie, their martyrdom will be immortal and taught to the further generation.

Rating: 4.5/5

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