Alexander the Great and the Fountain of Youth

- Bhavik Bamania

Alexander the Great was in quest of the fountain of youth, for he wanted to be immortal.

After many hurdles and many days went in search, he finally found the place of the fountain of youth.

He was very happy; he was feeling like a conqueror after all the got what he desired. The water was flowing in front of his sight, he bowed to fetch water in his palm so that he could drink it, but before he could, he heard a trembling voice.

“No, don’t do that, don’t drink that water”.

He turned to the direction from which the voice came, and there he saw an old man sitting inside a cave, he shouted with all his force “Stop! Don’t make this mistake”.

The old man was in a condition of misery.

As he heard these words, Alexander the Great asked the old man “who are you to stop me?”

The old man answered, I am like you, I am one of you, I am the sufferer of my own mistake, I am the one who once was in quest of the fountain of youth, who came here to drink the water from the fountain of youth.

And, I drank the water from the fountain of youth.

But, now by the passage of time I realized, I made an irreversible mistake, every minute, I wish I could die and free myself, my soul, from this cycle, but I can’t. I can’t and don’t want to live with withered hands, diminishing eyes.

I am now begging from the Almighty for my own death.

When Alexander the Great heard the tale of the old man, he left the old man’s cave without drinking water from the fountain of youth.

For he realized, one can enjoy his life until the one is in the state of enjoying it.

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